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Greg Chapman's Hobbies

Over the last twenty years or so I've been involved in:

Board Games
I used to be active in the postal board games hobby. Recently, I discovered that someone posted an article of mine, written 20 years ago, on the web. "Good Game, Good Game!"seems a little tedious read, these days.
I learnt to sail in the mid-sixties in Chichester Harbour on the South Coast, but most of my sailing has been done on the Norfolk Broads. In October 2001 a share in the narrowboat Stolen Time was bought, but that was sold a little more than a year later. At Rutland Water, on Easter Day 2004, I bought a SeaHawk. Its new home is now the Norfolk Broads. I've got a more general boating biography on the Greg Afloat site.
Nothing special here.  I tend to build my kites from dustbin liners and parcel tape, but I was proud of my sixteen celled tetrahedron made of plastic drinking straws and copy paper.  Copy paper is the stuff used with carbon paper.  I told you I was OLD!
The first computer I had access to was a SHARP MZ-80A, in 1984. I joined the Sharp User CLub and became the MZ-80A Editor for the club magazine. I moved onto PC architecture in 1991 going on-line, through FidoNet, soon afterwards. My first web site was devoted to "Windows Recorder", the utility that was bundled with early versions of Windows!
My One Man Band
I used to play the pubs and folk clubs of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire back in the late seventies and early eighties.  I played 12 and 5 string guitars, ukelele, harmonicas, kazoo, siren, high hat, organ pedals - but not everything at once, you understand!  I won a local talent contest and was runner up on another occasion.  That led to an appearance in the local paper.

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Updated 2 November 2008