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Greg Chapman - A short Biography!

I was born in 1948 in London (UK) and was educated at schools in south London and Hereford. I wasn't a high powered academic, gaining four GCE "O Levels" by the time I left.

Now I am effectively retired, having spent ten years in semi-retirement, picking up income from writing columns in a local newspaper and a boating magazine. There were further boating articles published from time to time. I also worked as an Adult Education Tutor, specialising in computing courses for beginners and digital photography.

I didn't have "a career" in the normal middle class sense, as I chopped and changed too much. Most of my working life was spent in local government. I worked in a range of departments including Education, Leisure, Corporate Planning and Social Services. Outside of local government most of my time was spent in banking and chartered accountancy, but there wee spells in refrigerated warehousing and retail jewellery, too. But, those who know me well would say I just spent my life playing! Actually getting paid for running the team which developed and executed the emergency planning exercises for senior local government officials, and senior management of major commercial and industrial concerns was perhaps the highlight, and games playing of the highest order!

Liz and I were married on 18 February 1977 and divorced on 23 March 2011. We had homes in various places in Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk moving to progressively smaller communities. It was quite a change moving into the country from the city of Peterborough - and into the Fens at Pymoor. There I created a village web site (now only available as an archived ZIP file).Our final home was a mock converted stables in East Walton, a small village (pop: 85) eight miles east of Kings Lynn.  We lived there with our English Setters until Liz moved out to live with someone else, taking Zena, our last dog, with her.

I moved to a still smaller community, (pop: 16 or thereabouts!) on the outskirts of Stalham, Norfolk. This time it was a genuine converted horse barn.

Since then I found Diana and we now I live together in East Ruston where our joint interest in music is getting more and more involved...

These pages are updated only rarely as other interests have grown.  You can find out more about my hobbies elsewhere. My web sites are listed on the home page.

You'll see that a major area of interest is boating. You'll find my boating biography on the Greg Afloat site.

As you can gather, this page hasn't been a priority.

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Updated 9 April 2014