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There's not too much to this little site!  (It was originally created as a demonstration of simple HTML to my Web Design students, but I've now retired from that work and retains a somewhat old image of me.)  There's just a brief biography and list of my interests.

Currently, I maintain the following "hobby" sites, and a small number of other sites for clients....

Muddy Broad Blues Band
I was one of the founder members of this blues band, formed by Glenn, licensee at the Pleasure Boat Inn, Hickling, where, as you might guess, we are the house band, playing roughly monthly gigs there. This site is in its early days and has not been developed properly yet.
Greg One Man Band
I re-launched my one man band in 2012 and began to perform in pubs around the Norfolk Broads. I play harmonica, kazoo, siren,12-string guitar, another 6 string tuned for bottleneck playing, a ukulele, washboard, bass pedals and cymbals, most of which are played together. Currently, it's in abeyance again while I concentrate on playing two other bands.
Greg Afloat
A site that records some of my boating exploits, from my younger days canoeing and punting on the River Wey, through Canal and Broads holidays through the 1960s and 1970s, on to sailing father's SeaHawk and now my own.
On Easter Day 2004 I bought a SeaHawk. This is a 17ft GRP yacht. Mine has the sail number #267 and is believed to have been built in 1974. (My father also had one, #232, bought back in the early 70s and sold a few years later. Obviously, I searched the web for further information. Finding none, there was little to do but start my own site!
nPOP is an e-mail program produced in Japan by Tomoaki Nakashima. I discovered it in 2002 while looking for an ultra small (fit on a floppy) program to use at teaching venues that otherwise only provide web-based mail. Since its creation, the site has become the principal English Language documentation site for the program, and has been responsible for gathering together a small group of English speaking programmers. The UK version is much enhanced and has been re-branded nPOPuk. The site now documents only the latest UK version.
A site originally designed to support my work teaching "Web Creation" and "Digital Photography" courses for the Adult Education service of my local County Council.  The site is no longer being actively maintained but is not closed yet. It offers beginners guides to a number of features of KompoZer (WYSIWYG web authoring) and the GIMP (image editing). These are both open source software packages that are available in portable versions so will run from a USB flash drive.

Closed Sites

The following sites are no longer maintained. However some of the final versions have been archived as ZIP files. The links below will download a ZIP file which can be unpacked and loaded into a browser locally.

Sit Down All Stars
A now defunct four piece band which included vocalist Diana and me playing most of the instruments from my one man band. Others added bass, guitar, banjo and drums to the mix. We played anything from old jazz standards to blues, skiffle and 1960s R&B. The first gig was held in May 2014 and the last in December the same year.
East Walton
This site started as a bit of an experiment and is no longer maintained as I moved out of the village in March 2010. I was invited to join the beta-testers for a photo-album software package, so I had to invent a project to test it on! In the beginning there was a single album of photographs of the village. It was expanded with further "albums" illustrating the village, the local countryside, family histories, village events and issues involving and concerning the village, in particular one following traffic dangers.
Banking and Shopping
My first book, now rather dated, but still available from th elikes of Amazon at a knockdown price. It has the ever so snappy title "Internet Banking and Shopping for the Older Generation" and was published in April 2004. I was commissioned to write it by the publisher. This very small site was intended to provide a means of feedback for readers. It gives a brief description of the book, for those who happen across the site before getting their own copy!
Stolen Time
In October 2001 I bought a share in the narrowboat Stolen Time. I started the site partly as a way of getting to know the other owners in the syndicate, and partly to answer the questions of those friends who didn't know much about narrowboats.
(NOTE: This site was taken off-line when the share was sold. It may reappear as part of my Greg Afloat site.)
Greg Chapman's Waterways Guides
This used to be the Nicholson Guides Updates Web Site, an unofficial site which provided updates to the best guides to the Inland Waterways of England and Wales.  It expanded to update other guides to the canals and fenland waterways as well. It also listed and reviewed other locally produced waterways guides and reproduced information for boaters published by the Middle Level Commissioners (before it started its own site). It was the subject of a major feature in Canal Boat magazine in August 1999 and won the Site of the Month award from Waterways World in February 2004. The link above takes you to an archive of the last version of the site..
Since I left Pymoor in 1999 I ceased actively maintaining this site, though a updates were made until about 2004 where I was advised of appropriate changes. In the archive linked above there are more than 60 pages of information about this fenland village, where I lived from 1991 to 1999.  Everything from the spelling of the village name to it's geography, geology and history is covered.  Many of the pages contain photographs, including aerial views and some going back over half a century.  Not a bad site for a village of only some 340 souls!
Pymoor Agricultural and Country Show
Also in the same archive as the village site are the pages that I added in May 2001 to describe the 1999 Pymoor Agricultural and Country Show.  In some ways this is just part of the Pymoor village site, but I deliberately gave it a different flavour.
I work, part-time, as an Adult Education tutor, specialising in introductory level courses, principally OCR's CLAIT (Computer Literacy and Information Technology) course. The CLAITHelp site started as a way of providing handout and background information for my students, it grew and the supporting file area used to provide a significant resource bank for tutors from all across the country and even internationally. There were even links to it from the BBC site. With a change in syllabus and a change in emphasis I gave up maintaining the site. Now the site is only available from the link above as a ZIP file.
Windows Recorder
I used to maintain a site about the macro utility bundled with Windows 3.x.  I passed that on to someone else to maintain, but I hear there are difficulties reaching the URL, so the link above allows you down download a ZIP file (56k) which unpacks the complete site as I last uploaded it.

what you'd like to see here or ask me for more details.  It might inspire some additions to these pages.

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